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The fastest and easiest way of delivering Windows applications on any device without agents, without setup, without VPN

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  • Cloud installation: ready to run installations leverage all the security of Google Cloud.
  • On-premise or private datacenter installation: you decide the level of security.
  • Authentication: you decide if users are local, if they need to synch with Active Directory or if they must use Single Sign On services.
  • No VPN: you can enable access to web portals and web applications within the company without configuring a VPN and without forsaking security.
  • Protection: to access applications through a browser users can opt to use either company or personal systems: whatever happens to the devices such as viruses, ransomware, or any other malicious action, data and applications are safe and cannot be attacked.

Configuration and management

  • Flexibility: Cameyo can be used on Google Cloud preconfigured servers, install it on-premise, or deploy it on any proprietary server.
  • Compatibility: any application that can run on a Windows server can be instantly converted and deployed as a browser based application.
  • Dashboard: a portal dedicated to MSPs enabling the management of all clients from a single workstation.

User experience

  • Speed: users will operate as if the application were installed on their computer.
  • Access to local resources: sound, USB port, and printer redirection enable users to work with the same flexibility and productivity that they would have when working at the office (requires Cameyo Native Player, included in the licence).

Following is a comparison of the “Fully hosted” (hosted on Google Cloud) and “Self-hosted” (hosted on proprietary servers) versions:

 Cameyo Cloud
Cameyo Server
Minimum users1015
Usage fee includedYN/A
RDS licenses includedYN/A
Microsoft Server licenses includedYN/A
Server base configuration  2 CPUs, 7.5 GB RM, 50 GB Disk Space, 12 hours of operationN/A
GPE server configuration (optional)4 CPUs, 15 GB of RAM,
Fully HostedYN
Additional RAM (optional)YN/A
Additional CPUs (optional)YN/A
Additional disc space (optional)YN/A
Additional uptime hours (optional)YN/A
Guided setup procedure  YY
Guided application publishing procedureYY
Branding – White labelYY
Multitenant – managing multiple clients from a single dashboardYY
Automatic updateYY
G Suite integrationYY
Cameyo Native Player (USB and local resource access)YY
User / group level permissions  YY
Reporting and AlertsYY
Quality of Service MonitoringYY
Daily snapshotsYN
Customizable subdomainsYY
Single Sign OnYY
RDP Protection – Brute Force attacksYY
SHA2 CertificatesYY
Multifactor authenticationYY
Deploy Windows apps on any deviceYY
Persistent dataYY
USB Redirecting and mapping ( requires  Cameyo Native Player)Printers, Scanners, Webcams, Scales, etc.Printers, Scanners, Webcams, Scales, etc.
Cloud Storage integrationGoogle Teams/Drive, OneDrive, DropboxGoogle Teams/Drive, Dropbox
Cut and pasteYY
Print on local or network printers (requires Cameyo Native Player)YY
Print on cloud printersYY
drag & drop files supportYY
International keyboard supportYY


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