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Cameyo licensing – How it works

Licensing is based on a monthly fee program.

Pricing of the licence is per user/month.

License types:

  • Fully-hosted: hosted in Cameyo datacenters, on Google cloud
  • Self-hosted: Cameyo software is installed on a system owned by the client

For version features please see the Features page.

Minimum product quantities are for the first order and vary depending on the product purchased:

  • Fully-hosted minimum quantity: 10 users
  • Self-hosted minimum quantity: 15 users

The number of users purchased by MSPs can be divided among different clients.

A Managed Service provider (MSP)may purchaseand simultaneously have a mix of the above licences.


If an MSP purchases 25 users, they can provide services to Company A with 5 users, to Company B that has 19 users, and to company C that has only 1 user

There are no licence activation and/or onboarding costs.

Regardless of the day of the month when the purchase is made, the invoice will consider the month’s full price, i.e. actual daily use accruals are not accounted for.


Number of users increase/reduction

It is possible to increase or reduce the number of users following the purchase of self-hosted and Fully-hosted licences.

The actual number of users will be invoiced at the end of each month.

Increasing resources

It is possible to purchase additional resources for Fully-hosted licences also following the initial purchase:

  • Additional RAM: 1 GB blocks
  • Additional disc space: 50 GB blocks
  • Additional CPUs: 1 CPU blocks
  • Additional uptime: 1 hour blocks

Additional resources will be invoiced at the end of each month depending on use.


Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed. To terminate the agreement communication must be made in writing within 30 days prior to renewal by sending an email to stating the intention of terminating the agreement.


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