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The anti-phishing solution designed to protect from phishing attacks

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Protection and security

  • Security on the Cloud: exclusive Cyberfish technology enables to categorize phishing emails with extreme accuracy without requiring human intervention or the use of filters that are always complex to manage and calibrate.
  • Comprehensive anti-phishing: generic phishing, BEC attacks (CEO fraud), spear phishing, and phishing through attachments are a thing of the past; Cyberfish’s ability to detect phishing emails is up to 10 times greater than a “normal” antispam/anti-phishing filter.
  • Brand monitoring: Cyberfish proactively index and monitor top brands assets, as well as phishing kits, and use a combination of AI and Computer Vision to detect impersonation
  • Visual Analysis: Cyberfish uses Computer Vision to analyze the visual representation of each scanned email and link opened in a real browser, as well as received email metadata such a sender name and email address
  • Multi-Source Detection: Due to unique technology of opening emails and links, Cyberfish traces all redirects, including browser side ones. Cyberfish also discovers malicious links hidden in email attachments such as PDF or cloud-based documents, as well as text links

Reporting and management

  • Does not require a server or a service to be installed: it is all managed through a cloud dashboard.
  • Centralized web-based dashboard: a single, easy to use dashboard to manage users and protect mailboxes.
  • Super-fast onboarding: thanks to the integration with cloud providers, protecting a new user requires less than 1 minute
  • No changes to the MX record required: because of the integration of Cyberfish with Microsoft 365 and G-Suite cloud solutions
  • Reporting: the centralized dashboard enables to view blocked email reports, current protection level, and the status of connected systems

Privacy and confidentiality

  • Privacy protection: emails are classified “on-the-fly” but are not stored in Cyberfish datacenters.
  • Compliant infrastructure: the Cyberfish infrastructure serving European users is based in Germany and is GDPR compliant.

Support Packages

Minimal SOC
  • No day-to-day monitoring.
  • The customer is responsible for managing and configuring whitelist, blacklists, and revert/resolve incidents.
  • SOC team will configure only generic or critical configurations.
  • Time-to-time recommendations.
Basic SOC
  • SOC team will revert obvious false-positive incidents, as well as configure basic whitelist rules.
  • SOC team updates about important configuration and issues.
  • SOC team provides generic recommendations (such as whitelisting private employees’ emails).
Managed SOC

Cyberfish SOC team fully manages every aspect of detection and configurations:

  • Reverting false positive incidents.
  • Resolving phishing incidents.
  • Identify false negative incidents.

In addition:

  • Regular communication on important findings and consults on questionable issues.
  • Managing customer specific visual references.


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