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Top 3 Ways MSPs Can Overcome Application Delivery Challenges

10 February 2021

One of the main problems that MSPs face (according to a Datto report) is the ability to drive additional revenue by delivering critical productivity software for their clients. MSPs could have all the latest IT solutions on the market, but if you’re unable to get these to your customers quickly and at a price they can afford, then you may struggle to succeed and build profit long term.

Every MSP needs to differentiate themselves from competitors – but what is the best way to show prospective clients that you provide greater value to their business?

To overcome these challenges, here’s what all MSPs should be aiming to do:

  • Deliver value-added services cost-effectively
  • Provide simple solutions – for you to manage and for customers to use
  • Empower your customers with flexible and scalable solutions

1. Delivering cost-effective solutions

cost effective

When it comes to delivering virtual applications, legacy options such as virtual desktop infrastructure and traditional application virtualisation have been costly. Most MSPs don’t want to introduce solutions that are difficult to provide, implement, and manage, which can cost both financially and use up valuable time

For MSPs to cost-effectively deliver any legacy Windows application to any device, they need a built-for-the-cloud platform that eliminated the need for VDI and application virtualisation. Cloud-native virtual application delivery platforms enable MSPs to easily add and publish any applications their customers need within minutes. This makes the entire process from onboarding to publishing and automated billing, quick and straightforward.

2. Simplicity for MSPs and customers


No MSP needs added complexity with deals or products. Not only because they are the ones who have to deal with that complexity, but because customers come to MSPs to make their IT process run more smoothly, not with added difficulty. So when it comes to providing virtual access to the productivity applications that customers rely on, MSPs need to prioritise solutions that enable a simple, seamless user experience. This includes better access to their customers’ productivity applications on any device, AND a better user experience is the type of value-add that customers are looking for from their MSP. 

Similarly, that simplicity needs to carry over to the work that the MSP will do. Complexity gets in the way of an MSP being able to sell. If a solution provides an excellent end-user experience but is a nightmare to manage for you, it is not a viable long-term solution for either you or your customer. Look for the virtual application delivery platforms that can enable MSPs to onboard customers and publish applications within minutes, with fully automated billing to make the entire process as simple as possible.

3. Flexibility to meet changing customer needs


In addition to delivering cost-effective and straightforward solutions, MSPs also need to provide flexible solutions that adapt as their business requirements develop. VDI and application virtualisation products require significant infrastructure investments that are costly, but they are inflexible. Virtual application delivery platforms enable MSPs to quickly get their customers up and running, with the ultimate flexibility to ensure the customer is always able to scale as needed with limited involvement from the MSP.

All modern MSPs should embrace new ways of delivering solutions to clients. It will save your clients money and time and make your job a lot easier. Avoid all those unnecessary headaches by working smarter today.

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Philip Sansom
I have been working in the IT sector for over 30 years and I was introduced to the world of the Managed Service Provider in 2003 when I joined a company called Kaseya as their Managing Director for the EMEA operation and enjoyed a very exciting ride that lasted over 10 years. I have continued this incredible journey with MSPs with senior roles at two other key vendors in this space – Datto and most recently IT Glue. Over the past 17 years I have watched, with admiration and delight, as Service Providers embrace the opportunity of being able to deliver true, Enterprise level IT Services and Support to the SME customer. I have loved every minute of this exciting adventure and I am delighted to have such an exciting opportunity to work with the wonderful team at Achab and help establish their fantastic MSP focussed Distribution model in the UK.
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